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Get to know the unforgettable experience that Casa Matsiguenka offers you

Culture and coexistence

The Matsiguenka people who are located within the intangible zone of the Manu National Park, show through the activity of Eco-tourism for more than 15 years, their traditions, ways of living with nature and at the same time responsibly shows the great biodiversity that keeps the Natural Protected Area with allies of SERNANP and some environmental conservation organizations of the Manu National Park.
Tourist packages are offered, where the visitor can live with the culture, learn to walk and interpret the forest from the Matsiguenka perspective, understand their communication with the world around them.

Landscape beauty

Strategically, the Matsiguenka people have the lodge called Casa Matsiguenka where they offer the tours, in the tourist use zone of the Manu National Park, Manu River, where its location is key to the sighting of the scenic beauty of the pristine and wild lowland jungle! You can see from a Manu River at dawn with the flights of macaws and the radiant sun, and ironically full of fog with a dark gloomy and some other black caiman (melanosuchus niger), on the beach of the river or a palisade with other wild animal.

Flora and wildlife

Opportunity to see the great biodiversity of flora, fauna and scenic beauty of the Manu Biosphere Reserve. Mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles, due to the very good state of conservation.

Comfortable and natural environment 

Casa Matsiguenka offers its facilities consisting of:
04 bungalows of 03 double rooms each with hotel mattress provided with mosquito nets;
01 bungalow of 04 bathrooms with public showers;
01 bungalow of 02 double rooms with private bathrooms;
01 kitchen bungalow connected to a central dining room;
01 handicrafts storage room.
01 Office of Administration and Radio Communication.

The Matsiguenka House has electricity 24 hours a day thanks to funding from the Ibero-American program of science and technology for development (CYTED).

Safe and pleasant transportation

Safe River and land mobility

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