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Volunteering in Casa Matsiguenka  Lodge

Get to know the unforgettable experience that Casa Matsiguenka offers you


Casa Matsiguenka Lodge is located in the hearth of Manu National Park inside the Reserved Zone of Manu National Park, found along Manu River, At our lodge there is a typical Primary Rainforest forest and a “Terra Firme” Primary Forest. Very Close we have two Mammal Clay licks, a Macaw Clay Lick where large Macaws like scarlet Macaws as well as Red and Green Macaws are seeing and 50min away by foot there is a large Oxbow lake were Giant Otters, Caimans, among other species are seeing. Below are a list of all the activities you can do while staying with us. Our place is filled with greater flora and Fauna like no other areas in Manu Park.


  • Monitor and record data on wildlife

  • Catalog amphibians and reptiles (the highest season for this activity is between November to December

  • Monitor and record data at Mammal Clay Lick with Camera Traps

  • Monitor and record data at Macaw Clay Lick

  • Vegetable Gardening, organic farming and green house for food

  • Construction

  • Housekeeping

  • Painting 

More Activities

Teaching English: Use your knowledge of the English language and share it with the Matsiguenka People. Organize lively and interesting classes contributing to the education of our staff. Please note that our team at the lodge speak Spanish (Some will speak few Spanish but they will help each other, some don’t know how to read or write).


Learn Matsiguenka! while staying us us you will have a chance to lear a local language known as Matsiguenka from our team at the Lodge.


Who can join us? Anyone over 18 years old can join us.
How long is the volunteering program? 1 month as minimum and 3 months as maximum.
Is the volunteering program available all year? No, we don’t accept Volunteers between January to April.
What do we offer? We offer Accommodations, showers and toilets, kitchen with dining room including dishes. We will also include round way transportation from Cusco to our lodge (Car and Boat), for this we will accommodate you with a tour group.
Is it free? Yes, but there will be additional personal fees for transportation, accommodations along the way and food, you will have to cook your own food. The fee cost is a follow:

1 month: 500.00USD, 16.00USD a Day.
2 Months: 900.00USD, 15.00USD a Day
3 Months: 1200.00USD, 13.33USD a Day

NOTE: the fees listed above will cover personal expenses, transportation by car and boat, food supplies that is brought from Cusco.

What to bring and vaccinations

  • Mosquito Repellent with 40% DEET

  • 5,000+ Lumen flashlight with extra batteries

  • Power bank

  • Long pants

  • Long sleeves

  • Cotton shirts

  • Hiking boots

  • Sandals

  • Canteen

  • A small backpack

  • A camera with telephoto, wide angle and macro lenses, it can be digital can also do the job

  • A pair of Binoculars

  • A first aid kit

Vaccinations needed:


  • Yellow fever

  • Hepatitis B

  • Influenza

  • Tetanus

  • Diphtheria

  • Chickenpox

  • Neumococo

  • COVID 19. At least 3 doses

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